NYC Crime in Parks during Q3 2017

-Amanda Dominguez

This is a visualization of the crimes committed in NYC parks during Q3 of 2017. This is the most recent data available. I filtered the information by the borough each park is located in and the type of crime committed. I added the individual crime numbers from each park into totals for each borough.

The data shows interesting findings, such as grand larceny being most prevalent in Manhattan parks and the most common crime committed. Following grand larceny are robbery and felony assault. Robbery is most prevalent in Brooklyn and felony assault is most prevalent in the Bronx. This information is important for those who live in these areas and frequently visit the parks.

While grand larceny, robbery, and felony assault are on the higher side, there were no murders and low amounts of rape, burglary, and grand larceny of motor vehicles during Q3.