Planned Field Test Connor Hakan

I am very interested in the 360 Degree camera technology.  I think it is going to change how we approach watching and experiencing media.

My hypothesis is 360-degree cameras are going to change how tutorials on Youtube work.  I watched a lot of videos of people building computers on Youtube, and it gave me the confidence to try it out for myself.  One of the things I would love to try in the field test is recording myself building part of my computer.  The computer I am building is about 50% complete.  It boots up and is in a working condition, but I have not started the water cooling portion of the build.

I think it would be really good if I could record myself installing the water blocks on the CPU and GPU.  Installing the water blocks in a hard thing to do, but I think the 360-degree cameras can make a better video than just a regular 1 direction shot.  I can have all the parts laying out on a table, and show myself taking apart the GPU and installing the water block.

If I could watch a tutorial Youtube video in something like Google Cardboard, it would make it a closer experience to what it would actually be like to do the task.  I think sometimes watching tutorials on Youtube can be stressful because I cannot see everything the person is doing.  I think the 360-degree camera will allow more detail into the video.