Product Management Assignments

Assignment 1: Innovator’s Dilemma Exercise

Details to be given in class.

Assignment 2: Prototyping

Prototype an experience you want to see on one of the new media platforms we went over in the first week, or a new platform you discover. Be sure to attach the following in this assignment:

  • Write a “Pixar story” about your product idea and how it affects a fictitious person who represents your target market.
  • Include a PDF or other file of the full user interface and user interaction flow.

You should also write a blog post on about your product concept and include the most relevant screen captures of your prototype. Describe your product in plain English as if you were explaining it to someone you meet on the street. Use the fictitious character in your “pixar story” as an example.


Assignment 3: Expressions Site

Create your Expressions site, then paste the URL below. Be sure to remove all sample content, install and activate a theme, add a few posts and pages and pictures/videos, customize the theme and add at least one plugin.

Assignment 4: Business Model

Create a 12-month business model for your product concept using the spreadsheet on the class site here:
Be sure to do the following:

  • Think through the various expenses and revenues associated with operating the product.
  • Put monthly costs and expenses for each into the spreadsheet. Take note of the bottom line, which gets automatically calculated in the spreadsheet.
  • Show how the business can utilize your $10,000 in imaginary investment early on for startup costs, and emerge at the end of the year with either neutral or positive cashflow. Remember: showing that you can spend all $10,000 without making any of it back is not the point!
  • List the assumptions for the numbers you put into the revenues and expenses in the assumptions tab of the spreadsheet. Cite sources for your examples where possible. (For example, if the Cost per Thousand Impressions in advertising is $3, where do you get that from? Relevant data from Keywordspy on how much advertisers spend for keywords related to your product concept may be one source.)
  • Use the Key Drivers tab to show some of the math behind your assumptions.

Assignment 5: PRD

Write full product requirements for something you want to add to your site, but which requires development and design. Include mockups created in a prototyping software of your choice.
Upload your Assignment 5 PRD here.