Product Management Final – Jennifer Li

Executive Overview

Easy Workout is an app that allows the user to quickly and easily view their workouts right from their phone’s lock screen. During the designated time for working out, a notification will pop up asking the user if they want to do the workout. If the answer is yes, the app will set the wallpaper of the phone to the user’s workout routine. The reminder will include the workout name, number of reps, and the max weight that the user is using. With this app, the user can work out more efficiently without having to carry around a notebook or unlock the phone and go into notes every time they forget their routine. The app will also let users “check in” to their gym using location services in order to confirm that they have been to the gym that day. As incentive for the users to check into the gym more often, the app will give players achievements for showing up to the gym 50 consecutive days, 100 consecutive days, etc. and the user can post these achievements onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. which will produce free user generated advertisement for the app. The target market is gym goes of all ages. Anyone who is serious about getting into a workout routine can use this app. The initial part of the app is free (the wallpaper changing and achievement feature). However, the user will have to come up with their workouts on their own. The app will have another feature to connect users with professional trainers who will make the workouts for the user and monitor how often they are going to the gym through the location check in. The trainer can chat with the user using the app’s messenger system. The app with make money through the trainer feature. Users will have to pay for personal trainers. A percentage of the cost will go to the trainer while a percentage is revenue for the app.


Here is the product management final.