Project Proposal Edwards

I am hoping to tell the story of Donald Trump’s first few months of his Presidency. I am going to highlight the most significant topics of conversation: Russian hacking scandal, Trump’s Twitter habits, and his favorability ratings.

I plan on using data acquired from the NYTimes to put together a timeline on Timeline.js. The timeline will show how the Russian scandal has progressed. I would also look at Trump’s Twitter followers since that has been his main method of getting information out to the country. I will use Mapbox to show how they are geographically distributed in the US. Finally, I will visualize his favorability ratings using Infogram. This data will be collected from RealClearPolitics.

There aren’t too many unknowns other than never having used Mapbox. I will need to educate myself on how to create maps through this new site! If this doesn’t work out, my plan B would be to use Google Maps since I am very well acquainted with it. Then, I would watch a Lynda tutorial that would help me improve one of the other two visualizations to satisfy the ‘learning a new skill on my own’ requirement.