RuochenShi_ Final Project

Final Project_ On Campus Crime In D.C. Area

Campuses are the places where student will spend lots or all of their day. Yet students still experience and witness numerous acts of violence in their campus. The crime-statistics show that about 31 million total crimes are reported in the United States annually, which means one crime happens every few seconds.


  If we separate schools into private and public, for-profit and nonprofit, there are three types of schools we can discuss today: public,  private for-profit and private nonprofit. According to the following chart, we can tell that in D.C. Area,most campus crimes happened in 4-year nonprofit schools and the fewest campus crimes happened in for-profit private campus (<2 year).

D.C. Crime
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According to reports, 19% of undergraduate women experiencing completed or attempted sexual assault since entering college. There is also a higher risk of incapacitated rape while a  woman is in college. Each year, around 6% of female college students report a rape or attempted rate, which only a part of it because more students choose not to report crime.

Also, in D.C., females are more likely suffered by on campus crimes, no matter in private for-profit, nonprofit or public school, according to the bar chart.

Finally, from the map of crimes distribution in D.C. Area, we can get more details about on campus crimes in D.C. during 2010-2012.



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