Samantha Ho – Assignment #1

Growing up as an avid fan of all things Disney, I was obviously a fan of the Disney Channel show Phil of the Future. Centered around a futuristic, time traveling family that gets stuck in the 21st century, the original television show featured an abundance of fictional technology that was considered a part of their futuristic world. In two separate episodes, the main characters introduce virtual reality gadgets from 2121. One was named “virtu-goggles”, allowing them to visit any place in the world virtually, and the other was a helmet that allowed the wearer to attend school virtually. While the “virtu-goggles” allowed the characters to feel physically present in a new virtual world (a la Tron), the futuristic school helmet can be easily compared to the HTC vive and other virtual reality goggles that are available to the public today. Despite the fact that we haven’t started going to school through our goggles, educational content is very accessible in today’s virtual reality content. The combination of virtual reality and online classes may soon become more popular and available. In regards to the show’s “virtu-goggles”, today’s augmented reality creations, such as the hololens, has allowed wearers to become more naturally integrated into virtual spaces. Through the goggles, they are able to see their own physical bodies interact with virtual objects.

Completely enamored with test footage from the hololens, I am extremely excited to learn more about augmented reality and its ability to integrate virtual content into the physical world. I’m curious to learn more about its application to educational scenarios and the ability to save resources when teaching students to do physical tasks. I know that I can remember certain directions better when I get the chance to practice multiple times, training my muscle memory. For example, learning how to cook a recipe virtually without food. Whether I mess up the recipe or get it right, food isn’t wasted. The possibilities for augmented reality are endless and are becoming even more accessible. I can’t wait.