Sarah Valenzuela Assignment 3

Oscar Winners Demographics

For an American-based awards show for mostly American-made movies, one may find it difficult to believe a significant portion of Oscar winners had not come from the United States of America; the country that created the ceremony. In fact, research shows us most of the winners have stemmed from Europe. Only in recent years has the demographic been accounting for more non-white winners in the Asia territories. But if a significant portion of of popular movies include Asian and South Asian characters, where are the rest of the winners? Moreover, where is the diversity in winners, when there exists a high volume of diverse faces and voices?

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For one thing, Hollywood and most other films have the tendency to create characters and roles of different peoples around the world, without actually casting people from those different places. Take the 2014 movie “Exodus,” which was supposed to tell the story of Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt. A movie taking place in the middle east should account for a cast of mostly Middle Eastern and African peoples, but instead featured all caucasian actors and actresses.

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So where does this leave the American film industry? In first place fiction and dead last reality.