Sarah Valenzuela Assignment 7

How Millennials Spend Their Time During the School Year

**UPDATE: I FIGURED OUT THE PROBLEM! My embed code was missing a pair of quotation marks.

This is supposed to be a chart about a brief survey I conducted among various of my friends from different age groups, but all in the same millennial generation. However, I am not sure why my chart will not come up because I followed all the same steps as the first time we conducted this assignment.
However, the topic I chose to focus on matching with the data I found, shows a very disturbing relationship towards cellular devices. I gave all my subject 100 points and this chart reflected the average amounts for how much people are in class, sleep, eat, use their phone, study or do homework, and do their hobbies. The biggest chunk across the board was phone usage. While hobbies and extracurricular activities only spanned about 11%. Most of these included reading, watching TV, or hanging out with our friends. Which makes sense, since most people are too busy to actually do their hobbies. But to believe that phone usage is greater the basic need for sleep is baffling. Sleeping was only about 17% average and then eating was even smaller than that. In the event of apocalypse, millennials may realize that phones can not sleep for them, nor can their phones be eaten. Perhaps then will they realize how much of a non essential it really is.