Sarah Valenzuela- Drone Assignment

After working with the drones last week, I noticed a lot of potential for its uses. First, what if you attached sensors to the drones to scout areas for potential changes and risks factors. As journalist, changing patterns in environment and geography could be the difference between a temporary story, and an investigative story. Yes, the biggest job of journalists is to tell stories, especially those most current. But the job also entails being able to connect patterns to tell a bigger story. Take for example investigating illegal behavior of companies in terms of manufacturing and being environmentally safe. It’s not something you could just ask the owner and they’ll admit, but what if all you had to do was fly a drone over head to see what was actually happening on the grounds. Or take for example the story of climate change. What if it would possible to take aerial photos of before and after scenes that show the drying of land, over-flooding of other lands and patterns of abnormal climate globally. seeing something from the ground perspective little pieces at a time is one thing. But the bigger picture is worth so much more.

Moving forward, let’s put aside the Amazon delivery system and think more towards the betterment of our society. Go back to when your mother would always tell you not to waste your food because there are starving children in other parts of the world. Well, what if there was a way you could send your food directly to someone who didn’t have any? If the Amazon test drone for delivery takes only about 15 minutes for a nearby location, the same can be done from metropolitan cities across the globe. Of course, unless drones with speed capabilities like the predator became available, you can’t actually send food to those on different continents or countries, but it definitely helps the global food waste and mass hunger problem.

One problem these may cause is the invasion of privacy aspect that could send someone to court for a lot of money and even to prison for a long time. Flying unmanned aircraft is just as much of a hassle as hacking web cameras. It poses the question of what is privacy in this age? Does it really matter if a private entity has its “privacy” breached, when citizens in London can’t walk half a block without being captured on camera?