Sarah Valenzuela Assignment HTML Essential Training

The tutorial I completed on was the HTML exercise that gave the basics and basis for HTML. Aside from learning that HTML is a markup language, I also learned the syntax for HTML as well as some little tutorials on how to read and write code. This was perhaps my biggest takeaway, because I used my new knowledge to get through Assignment 7. Instead of just changing values, I also wrote my own code to insert an article headline and sub headline. While I do think my new piece of code could have been more cleverly thought out, I was more proud to say that I understood how to do it.

Here’s the chart I created with the additional headlines:

Even though the headlines are the most basic portion of creating webpages and adding content, what I most greatly applied was finding where in the present chart coding to insert the headline. At first I tried inserting it into the middle of the code body about the data title. However, it didn’t follow proper syntax and when I tried to load the chart, it wouldn’t come up. I tried inserting the headline into different spaces within the code body, but I kept getting the same results. I revisited the part of the tutorial that discussed parent and child linking and decided I could insert it at the top as the parent portion. After so much trial and error, I wasn’t as afraid to move the code around and around with the HTML and the language that was taught.

While I did learn a lot about HTML, it was also a very dense tutorial in the sense that I needed to keep re-watching some parts because it was a lot of information to take in in the short period of time. There are people who pay for classes that span over weeks to months to learn what was taught in one training video. I’m sure if I did the exercises along with the video, I may have retained more of what was discussed and taught in the online course. However, the tutorial already took a few hours to get through and I simply did not have enough time to get through more work on top of the tutorial. I will most likely revisit to review the other HTML tutorials as well as the CSS tutorial.