Sensor Idea–Grant

On SparkFun I found a sensor called the Scanse Sweep. The Scanse Sweep has 360 degree scanning capability with a range of up to 40 meters and a sample rate of 1000 per second.

My idea to tell a story is to stick a 360 camera at an average persons height, on top of a motorized dolly car which is attached to the Scanse Sweep. The idea is that the Scanse Sweep will sense objects around it and pause or change direction if something or someone is in the way. I envision this being a fun way to capture an event like a party, wedding, reception. Being able to relive a party basically as an average bystander without having to hide or walk with a 360 camera could be really useful if the software is good. Maybe it could be dressed up as R2-D2 or some other well known robot. In addition to being a practical way to capture video it would look so cool and futuristic to have a robot at a party.