Sensors and Protests

The first two cases talked about how sensors were used in journalism in situations where there was an environmental crisis. When environmental stories hit the news, the public wants real time updates, data and facts about the issue in order to determine how pressing the issue really is. In the first case in Houston, Texas where the journalist wanted to measure the air pollution in neighborhoods close to plants, I felt as if that was a great use of the technology.

Since climate change has a been a hot topic for some years now, I think using temperature sensors in four areas across the United States for a 4 year span to track the temperature changes in comparison to the time of year would be interesting in a journal story in support of those who believe that climate change is real.

If the public is able to see the data and facts of the rate of change, then this may make the public more inclined to listen to the facts about climate change and in turn believe that it is taking place.