Srosh Anwar Assignment 1 – Holographic Technology

I don’t really watch science fiction movies so I don’t exactly remember any scenes. However I had a conversation with my roommate about what would she wish that technology would do? And she said that she would like to talk to her family back home through video conferencing where she is not starting at a screen but can see her family sitting in front of her – more like a projection or a 3D. It is a really interesting concept and I have also seen it in a few movies.

I did some research and came across holographic technology through which you can give your presentations using 3 dimensional tools.

In addition, back in 2013 there was news from skype that they are also working on 3D video conferencing technology. There is still no update on that. But if it did came out – the fiction will become reality.

As far as my choice of technology is concerned – I would like to learn more about 360 videos. I don’t know yet what I would do with that but I am hoping that