Syracuse City Police reported the most crimes in 2013

Syracuse City Police Department keeps reporting the most crimes in the past five years.


By Oswaldo Campos-Torres SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Since 2009 Syracuse City Police Department has had the record for most crimes reported. In 2009 the agency reported 7,122 crimes. Open New York shows most of the crimes reported by SCPD were violent crimes.

Data from the Index Crimes by County and Agency: Beginning 1990 show this past year, 2013, Syracuse City PD reported 7,665 total index crimes. Out of those crimes 1,192 were violent. Following the record of Syracuse City PD is the Onondaga County Sheriff with 2,675 crimes reported in 2012. The past year, 2013, Onondaga County Sheriff reported 2,448 crimes; out of those crimes 146 were reported as violent crimes.

The chart below shows the total index crimes for each law enforcement agency in Onondaga County throughout the years.


Reported Crimes in Onondaga County | Create Infographics

Jordan Vg Police Department has the record for having the fewer crimes reported. In 2009 and 2012 Jordan Vg Police Department reported zero criminal activity. Last year, 2013, and in 2010 it reported 3 crimes. The most crimes reported by Jordan Vg Police Department was in 2011 with four crimes reported.

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