Syracuse Roads Rated 5 or Less

I looked on DataCuse for this story. I found that the city rate its roads on a scale from 1-10, with one being the worst and 10 being the best. After filtering the data, I discovered that out of the roughly 4,850 roads in Syracuse, more than 1,800 are either a five or worse. Only one road was ranked a one.

I also filtered the numbers by the street type (streets and avenues), local roads and when their last overlay –meaning when the city resurfaces its roads– was, ranging from 2003 to 2011. Some of the roads that I didn’t include had their last overlay in 1981 and the most recent was 2015.

There are also many streets that have several consecutive blocks that have roads rated from one to five. Fellows Avenue is among the streets that fits that description. In some cases, there are even roads on the same block of a street in these conditions. Some examples of that are Union, Fellows, Brighton and Ramsey avenues.

Syracuse has a deteriorating infrastructure, so this may not come as a surprise. What’s interesting to me is that more than a quarter of the city’s roads are either in mediocre condition or worse off than that. Part of the reason is the lack of resources dedicated to infrastructure and using salt to melt the snow away from Syracuse’s roads also contributes significantly to the problem. The roads being in this condition is one of the reasons that the city’s residents are not happy with its infrastructure.


Link for Data: