The Future of Wearable Technology – Yahui


Technology changes how we live, how we think and how we handle thing. We follow the current trends and chase more and more advanced high technologies.

Wearable technology as accessory is the current technology and fashion trend. As phones become more and more smart, in the meantime, the innovation of smart watch and smart glass also catch a lot of attention. Examples like Android Watch, Apple Watch and Google Glass are the leader products for wearables technologies.

The intention of wearables technology is to make people’s lives easier and convenient. Android and Apple Watch enable people to have the similar functions as cellphones do, people can make phone call, text message, search information and even do there health test by using their small smart watch. Google Glass can communicate with people and do things under people’s instructions, so people just need few words, then Google Glass will do things for you. The virtual reality presented by Google Cardboard provides a new ways to report news and events. These wearables technologies let people to have more opportunities and close connections with updated information, current trends and other people. Moreover, wearable technology also bring a lot fun facts to entertainment industry and social media and also help increase media consumptions and change the way how people consume information. For Television and film industry, the concept of virtual reality has spread a lot, which let consumers get a virtual reality experience about news, shows and film scenes.

High technology has always be the popular topic that people want to get involved in. However, not everyone can get its complex functions and the way to use it. From our field test of Google Glass, no one knows the exactly proper way to use Google Glass, and people feel weird by talking to a glass with no glass on it. Another feedback people talk a lot, is the high price of wearable technology, and as cellphone and computer already have the function people needed, what is the value for these wearable technology and what value should be add to these wearable technology when compare and compete with cellphone and computer.

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