Thomas Viola – Assignment 2

Some Things Considered is an entertainment podcast aimed at fans of video games, movies, TV, and even sports who are looking for some new, fresh, funny voices to listen to and discuss their favorite games, shows, films, and teams with. Our target market is mostly made up of males between 18 and 35, which is very much the average market of video games and sports, but our goal is to create an inclusive product that can resonate with audiences from all walks of life.


Once upon a time there were two guys who enjoyed talking about video games, movies, and sports.


Every day they talked together about these things, and had deep, enjoyable conversations.


One day, one of the guys suggested the two share their ideas with a wider audience by creating a podcast.


Because of that, the two set up a website and began recording and promoting their podcast to their friends and groups, where they began to see some moderate viewership.


Because of that, the two set up a Patreon account, so they could begin monetizing the product more, in order to provide more, better content.
Until finally they were able to garner an established, dedicated audience who could support them as they grew the podcast into an entertainment website with its own original content and shows. STC Website frame