Vision Paper – Jason Mussman

What does the future look like?  Its difficult to tell but just seeing what we’ve accomplished now and seeing everything that’s been done and imagining is pretty incredible.  I’m going to break this paper up into roughly 6 parts, I apologize in advance for jumping around, I got excited and kept thinking of new ideas as I was writing:  Military, Health, Transportation, Entertainment, Business, Homes.

To start off the streets of the city will be completely different.  Only very basic travel will take place on ground.  Shuttles are going to be extremely popular in cities of the future. Like current subway systems but these will be state of the art and above ground.  These shuttles will stop every couple of blocks and will be the primary method from city travel.  Every individual owning a car in the city is pointless.  If someone cannot walk from the shuttle stop to their location a ground vehicle will be available but the number of ground vehicles will be very low.

What do you think the military of the future looks like? Well, ground soldiers and ground invasions are a thing of the past.  Same with large aircraft carriers.  The new aircraft carrier is a flying aircraft carrier.  This aircraft carrier will look something like this.   Military intelligence will be at an all time high.  The military will have satellites everywhere in space and will be able to get real time information on any location desired.  Planes aren’t going to change that much other than they are going to be able to hover more and travel at faster speeds.  The weapons systems in the planes are going to change.  Projectile weapons are a thing of the past.  No longer does a plane need to fire a rocket and then watch as that rockets hit its target.  Planes will now have lasers (Seriously).  These lasers will be able to target specific aircraft the same as rockets can its just they are so much faster.

Also long military conflicts are a thing of the past.  Defense spending has gone down because all countries of the world have such powerful technology, kind of like Mutually Assured Destruction.  Still conflicts exist between countries but they aren’t solved militaristically, they are solved more through negotiations.  If needed military ground forces are going to be led through human fighters in exoskeletons.  These exoskeletons will provide the soldiers increased skills such as increased stamina, focus, strength and speed.  These suits will also be able to withstand form whatever ground weapons of the future are being thrown at them.  The suits will also present camouflage ability to help the wearer appear invisible if need be in the environment.  However, soldiers can still be detected by IR and Heat maps.  No more will weapons fire be accidental also.  Weapons will be able to lock onto targets and execute with precious accuracy.  Military weapons will still have the ability to kill targets if necessary however most weapons will be lasers that are set to stun which makes the victim go unconscious for 1 hour.  This will be the same technology that police of the future have.  Police will cary stun guns that work the same as current projectile weapons but only stun the victim for an hour.  The Air Force is going to be the largest branch of the armed services.  Military command will actually be in outer space.  Yes, the Pentagon will be moved to an orbit around the Earth.  This will be to protect the building and those in it.  Also traveling from this base will be extremely easy, vehicles will be able to reach the base in minutes.  Most militaries are going to be smaller in size in physical soldiers but large in terms of what technology can do.

Now let’s talk about health.  Diseases are virtually all cured.  Cancer is a thing of the past and simple diseases do not occur because of medical advancements.  Emergency rooms are still around for your everyday emergency but longterm diseases and recovery are no more.  If any diseases were to occur the patient would go to the hospital and be scanned.  The machine would identify the type of disease and issue the appropriate treatment.  First aid has also advanced exponentially.  Simple lacerations can be healed within seconds because of new creams available.  Also medical emergency transportation will all be done by aerial ambulances (will discuss more in transportation).  Most first aid problems can be solved with simple over the counter treatments however if something more serious happens hospitals will have the technology to fix in most cases around an hour.

One of the biggest improvements in the future will be transportation.  As discussed earlier in large cities shuttle networks will exist kind of like a futuristic subway.  Ground vehicles will have the ability to hover instead of physical wheels on the ground.  All the roads will be smart roads and they will be connected to the cars.  No one needs to drive anymore cars now completely drive themselves.  They also travel at extremely high speeds about 150mph+.  Transportation between cities, states and even intercontinental will also be completely redone.  Thanks to Elon Musk and the Hyperloop transportation between NY and LA now only takes about 30 minutes.  The same amount of time it would have taken past me to travel from my home in Long Island to my job in NYC.  Transportation in cities will also be extremely fast but because of the crowdedness in the city it can still take a bit.  Emergency transportation will also be hovering shuttles.  These shuttles will be connected with the roads and can get emergency responders to their location ASAP.  Information will also be sent to other cars on the road and the other cars will know to take an alternate path and provide access to Emergency Services.  These vehicles will not operate on the same roads as regular vehicles instead will be elevated to move faster.

Let’s talk about package delivery and shopping.  All packages bought on whatever the new Amazon will be are going to be able to be delivered within minutes how?  Drones, Drones, Drones.  Drones are going to operate on a different level of airspace than emergency services and planes.  These drones will not be human piloted but will have their own highway networks and will be able to find out where the package is going to be delivered and get the package there within 30 minutes of time ordered.  Drones will also be used to deliver pizzas, sandwich’s and anything else anyone orders.  The drones will operate completely on their own network.

Picking out clothes is now extremely easy online.  Thanks to virtual imaging and scanning you can try on any clothes and visualize yourself in them thanks to your virtual mirror.  You can swipe through as many outfit configurations as you want and then order it and they will be delivered via drone in minutes.  Payment is also extremely easy.  Cash will be virtual, like bitcoin but payment will be as easy as waving your wrist.  Your wallet, phone and keys are all going to be part of a system that every American has.  This system is connected to your wrist and also monitors your health data.  If the program sense that you are about to have a heart attack it will notify emergency services and they will automatically be dispatched to you.  Whenever you are at a store and see something you like you grab it and the store scans it as you are leaving the store.  This is the future of payment.  NO longer will you have to wait on line at a cashier but every item will have an RFID tag and when you leave the store the scanner will know what you bought and will charge you for it.

Lets talk about entertainment.  To start off all feature films, TV shows and other videos are shot using 360° video and are played in VR.  HUD and VR are the new TV, along with holograms.  Holograms and VR will differ in forms of entertainment but both will be available mainstream.  Entertainment systems will be similar to what’s available now such as the HTC vive.  Users will be able to put a headset on and enter a virtual world.  In this virtual world you are an avatar and control the game play.  When you put on this headset you feel like you are actually the player.  If you get shot you feel as you got shot (Obviously no real damage is done).  But these systems make you feel like you are apart of the game.  These virtual gaming networks will be very popular and everyone will be able to use them (Kind of picture the movie Spy Kids 3d Game Over).  Television and Film are all shot and viewed in VR.  This provides an amazing entertainment experience.

The last two things I want to talk about are the home of the future and the jobs of the future.  The home of the future will be completely smart and will talk to the user.  You can choose a name and a voice for your home and ask it anything.  Kind of like a giant advanced Siri all over your home.  The home will be able to nicely wake you in the morning, open the blinds, cook you the meal you selected the night before.  Your home will also be able to have a virtual holographic assistant who can help you with simple tasks such as putting away the groceries.  To conclude I briefly want to talk about my job in the future.  I’m an advertising programmer, so all holographic advertisements you see in the street are mine.  I’ve created programs that can actually recognize a specific program and target them with relevant ads as they are walking down the street.  The smart boards will be able to “read” a person and tell if they are let’s say hungry, if hungry they will recommend a good restaurant close by.  If they are sick the ad will show them medicine that they should take etc.  The future is going to hold crazy technological advancements and I can probably write a 200 page essay on it, but for now this is all.