Vision Paper Yi Zhang

A Day of My Life in 2030

8:00 am

My bed starts to vibrate promptly at 8 in the morning to wake me up. I want to sleep more, and the weight sensor on the bed feels I’m not going to get up. So my intelligent bed tilts up to make me slip down to the floor! Every time it does this to me makes me want to go back to the past when bed was just a bed.

As soon as I get up from the floor, the water in bathroom starts to run and the audio system in my room starts to play morning news. I walk to the bathroom to get a shower.

“Today is the tenth day of the World War 3. Our hackers hacked into Russian military intelligence systems and successfully destroyed it.”

War is no longer about people fighting with bodies in this intelligent times.  It’s all about occupying technology and intelligence. When we need to fight face-to-face in the battle file. We use robots and drones instead of real human beings. However, I don’t want to listen to the boring war news.

“Play some classical music,” I say.

The audio system has sensors in every room of my apartment, so I can give it instructions from any corner of my apartment. It’s able to recognize my instructions accurately and only recognize my voice right now. I can also add other people’s voice to be recognized if I want.

After shower, I put on my smart contact lenses. It not only serves as a pair of near-sighted eyeglasses, but also a pair of VR glasses, screens of my phone, TV, and computer. By the way, we don’t really have something like the smartphone 20 years ago. What we have now that serves similar but more functions than smartphone is called personal smart system. It is consisted of several wearable devices and embedded chips in our bodies. People choose different wearable devices and embedded chips based on their own preferences and need. My smart contact lensis one part of my personal smart system. It projects the operation screen of the system in front of me in the air or on a surface. It recognizes my gestures as instructions. I can also use my voices to instruct my smart system through the smart necklace I wear.


9:30 am

After having breakfast, I walk into my work room to start working. I have a portrait shooting in the morning and an architecture assignment in the afternoon. Neither of them need me to be there. As a photographer and re-toucher in 2030, I have a group of robot assistants. I instruct my three robot assistants in the studio to setup the scene and lights. One of the robot has a camera in his body and I can see the live view of it on my computer. After communicating with my clients through the live video system, I press the shutter button on my computer and the robot starts to move a around to take photos. Every photo it takes record all information on the scene. So, for every photo it takes, it needs to move around the subject for 360 degrees. In the post production phase, it’s for the re-toucher to decide what to include, from which angle to shoot, the distance from camera to subject, how much depth of field to show, etc. Photographer, or say the robot assistant is only a visual information recorder. It’s for re-toucher to make the aesthetic decision.

After the assistant robot taking the photo, I receive the file at once and start retouching. Although my client hasn’t see my final work, he seems to be very satisfied with our service and rates us 5 stars on our social media page. Nowadays, the rating on social media is vital to everyone on the world. It serves like personal credit system and the symbol of your reputation. It affects every aspect of your life, such as your job application, house renting, loan application, etc. It makes sense since people have more social interaction online than face-to-face right now. It has a complicated algorism for calculating a fair rating for every person based on all the ratings they get from others. Apparently, it’s even more important for business to get higher rating. The higher rating I get, the more opportunities I have for new clients and jobs.


12:00 pm

Time for lunch. I quickly look over my favorite Japanese restaurant’s website and order online. 10 minutes later, a delivery drone stops outside my apartment window on the 20th floor. Delivery drones are widely used by restaurants. They are very effective and never get lost.

Suddenly, my smart necklace starts to vibrant. My friend Jessica is calling me to have a video chatting. But I don’t want to talk to her right now. Recently, she called me every day to complain about her husband. I’ve been tired of hearing that. So I choose to use my virtual chat robot. It forms my image on the screen and imitates my behaviors. This chat robot learns my tone and the way I speak from me whenever I talks. Even my friend will not notice that it’s only a virtual image behind the screen. Sometimes when I feel boring, I will chat with the virtual robot to train her and to release my pressure. She is not only a robot, but also my best friend who knows all my secrets. Fortunately, she is smart enough to know what she can say and what she cannot say.


4:00 pm

After lunch, I go back to work. Waiting till 4 in the afternoon, the best time for shooting architecture today, I send out my drone. It flies to the destination under my control, collects data of the building and sends the data back to my computer right away. Based on the data, the software on my computer make a realistic 3D model of the building. Then, I choose the angle of view I want. I even can retouch the photo to make it feel like it’s taken at night with all lights in the building on. But since it looks a little bit unreal, I usually prefer to keep the natural lighting. Almost all the things in a photo can be manipulated now, except for the light on the scene. You can change the brightness and contrast of light. But the direction and texture of the light is what it is on the scene. Maybe one day in the future, you can also change those during post-production easily and make it very vivid. But will our world be too fake at that time?


5:00 pm

Finishing all the work, I stick the muscle bandages to my body and go to work out. The muscle bandages are made up of sensors that are designed to detect the tension of muscle. They are connected to a smart fitness system which can provide workout advice to me based on the data collected by the muscle bandages. With the fitness system, people are able to do workout scientifically. The occupation of personal fitness trainer has disappeared for 10 years.


8:00 pm

At night, I want to entertain myself with a VR live film. I lay down in bed and say “play the One Day in Rome in VR live mood”. Then the contact lens creates a VR vision that make me feels like in the scene. I travel to Rome with characters in the films and witness their stories just beside. When watching a VR live film, I’m not only a viewer, but also a support character in the film. At some point in the film, I’m able to influence the development of the story, which makes me really feels like a part of the film. Some films allow more than one person to participate in the story, which is the trendiest way of hanging out with friends right now. But sometimes I’m afraid that one day, when the VR technology is super advanced, I may not be able to tell which is the reality and which is the fake reality.