Vision Post: Assignment 5

Although I come from the old school world of darkroom photography and newspaper newsrooms, I am excited about the vision of the future in journalism.  As a photojournalist, I was very upset with the smartphone camera technology because everyone had a camera and even more, almost everyone thought they were a photographer!  However with the digital media world and platforms there arte more than ample opportunities to use professional images and that is where the excitement begins.  I think that AR/VR/AI technologies will allow photojournalists to work in new ways of storytelling.  What we used to mean when we said, have the image take them there (the audience), now we can actually take them there in AR/VR/AI and even drone journalism.

We know that technology is never going to stop so what journalists have to do is embrace it and be the leaders at the forefront of how to direct the storytelling instead of being so reactionary as the industry has been in the past.  The only way to survive whatever will come next and after that and after that, is to be in the driver’s seat or at the table.  I see a really great future for visual and photojournalism if we stop holding on to the past and believe me, if I can do it, the industry can as well.