Voll #NTNM Assignment Three

For advertisers, getting noticed in increasingly competitive outdoor spaces has become incredibly difficult to do in an affordable way. Often, guerrilla marketing tactics are used in public spaces to catch the public’s attention, and drones are becoming part of a growing set of tools that companies can use to convey their messages.

One company, DroneCast, is doing just that, testing out drones as flying billboards in Los Angeles and other areas around the country. Regulatory issues aside, the drones are an inexpensive way to turn heads and stand out against the advertising clutter that everyone has grown accustomed to ignoring.

The drones themselves have even become the stars of ads, like in this Coca-Cola commercial in Singapore:

Or in this promotion for the Star Trek sequel and Earth Hour in 2013:

The important thing to consider about these ads is how inexpensive they are to produce. A helicopter for a single video shoot like the Coke one could easily cost thousands of dollars. With drones, incredible aerial shots can be done with very little money, bringing higher production value to projects with even the smallest budgets.

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