Zulu Vertical Timeline

Mardi Gras Vertical Timeline
Gina Gayle
Assignment 3

Mardi Gras season is a special time for me because I spent many years in New Orleans documenting the members and culture of the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club. Zulu is the oldest and largest Black organization, or Krewe, that rides for Mardi Gras. Being the first parade on Fat Tuesday, Zulu is one of the largest parades with the most floats, even more than allowed in some years. Zulu is also known for the prized possession of Mardi Gras, the Zulu coconut!

I first became enthralled with Zulu in 2003 during the New Orleans Jazz Festival. I met several members and started to understand their culture. 2005 was the first year I started to document the Zulu parade and I got to know many of the members and to understand that this organization was not just about parading, they also were a beacon in the community and as such I wanted to document this organization. Their members came from all walks of life. Zulu members were hit hard by Hurricane Katrina because a majority of the members lived in New Orleans East, the Ninth Ward and the Lower Ninth Ward. The project I originally started became a story of the recovery of New Orleans as seen through the stories of the Zulu members.

This timeline gives a look at Zulu events during the 2018 Mardi Gras season.