2/22/2017 Notes: 3D Web

3D, part one.

12:30-12:40: Housekeeping

  • Slackchat: please say hello after you join.
  • How Slack works. Did you know there’s a Slack mobile app? It works pretty well, too.
  • Share news there that you find about what we cover in class. See what I shared about Facebook …
  • Please download the Trnio app for IOS, or Scann3D for Android.

12:40-1: Overview of the 3D Web

  • AFrame, for creating 3D / VR stuff in a web browser.

1-1:10: What have students done with these technologies in the past? Here are two examples:

1:10-1:25: 3D Depth Cameras and Photogrammetry

  • The Structure Sensor and how it works.
  • What is photogrammetry?
  • What is videogrammetry? See 8i.com.
  • The Trnio app (iOS) and Scann3D (Android).

1:25-1:50: Work on creating a model for Assignment 1. You can:

  • Scan yourself or a friend (note, I will have to do an in-app purchase for your model).
  • Create a 3D model with one of the photogrammetry apps
  • When you have something, upload it to SketchFab and annotate it. Then embed in your blog post and share your thoughts about the potential for the 3D web for journalistic storytelling.
  • Feel free to also try out Realities.io on the Vive, or Sketchfab on the Oculus.