3/3 Product Management class notes

12:30: How’s the product conceptualization coming?

12:40-12:50: Pixar story format for pitching a product

12:40-1:10: Prototyping with Cacoo.com.

  • See Pacheco’s examples.
  • Start a process flow related to your general concept.
  • Start a wireframe of a few screens for your concept.
  • More advanced, Invisionapp.com and Axure.
  • Assignment 3 is to write a pixar story for a produdt and prototype it.

1:10-1:50: Using Expressions to prototype a WordPress site.

  • Start making an Expressions site, familiarize yourself with WordPress features. Assignment 4 is to create an Expressions site.
  • If you get ahead, you can begin learning how to set up a domain name and web host and transfer your Expressions settings over to it.