5/2 Lecture Notes

12:30-12:40: Field test and Vision Paper

  • Both the field test and vision paper are due Thursday, May 11 midnight.
  • The vision “paper” is not a paper, it’s a a short scifi story about what your media career looks like 5 to 10 years in the future as influenced by the technologies we have covered.
  • Here are a couple examples:

12:40-1:10: Sensor Journalism Presentation

1:10-1:15: Arduino demo

1:15-1:50: Assignment 5

Thursday’s class:

Remember, as mentioned in the syllabus, we are required to meet one last time and that is scheduled for Thursday at the same class time as usual. If you can’t make it because of a final exam, consider that your “one class you can miss for any or no reason.” If you can make it, we will meet in the innovation lab and you can use the time to work on your field test.