Assignment 1: Groh

The small model of myself did not come out as well as I thought. I learned a term called “overhang”. It is the area of the bust that requires vertical pillars that act as a support system to keep it upright when it’s being created. If there’s too much overhang there will be a lot of supports and it will be harder to end up with a clean final product.

With that being said, there is a great upside to 3D printing. Being able to upload 3D models of objects and share them on social media is a powerful too. Especially if those models are interactive. There is a lot of potential for educational benefits. Whether it’s looking at bodily organs or a physical place, being able to navigate something that was previously impossible to do allows us to share knowledge with a vast amount of people. However, certain challenges I foresee are the affordability of doing something like this, the technological requirements for people, and the problem of giving information to people that they are unprepared to understand. Spreading knowledge is good, but giving complex ideas to people without the necessary foundational understanding of it does nothing.

It's Me!
by jgroh
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