Assignment 2 – Claire Alex

For this excersise I wanted to compare the amount of money private and public colleges in NY state give to their students as a part of the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). For one graph, I filtered the data to only show me 4-year public colleges and universities in NY state. From there, I filtered by year, every year from 2000-2015 and found the sum of the amount of money given using the TAP Recipient Dollars column. Then, I entered in the sum of that year into a separate column to form the irregular pie graph. Once I was done, I followed the same steps filtering for 4-year private colleges and universities in NY state. As I suspected, tuition assistance at public colleges and universities was proportional and grew slightly every year. However, private colleges had no real pattern to how much money they allotted to tuition assistance each year.

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