Assignment 2 – Elena DeLuccia

So I’m a big Star Trek fan (yes, I know, I’m a dork) and there was this thing called the Replicator, which could make items appear out of thin air. They used to kind of just materialize on a pad in front of whomever ordered the item. This is a piece of science fiction that pretty much came into reality when 3D printing started. We’re now able to make something materialize into an object (of course, not as efficiently as in Star Trek) out of what seems like thin air.

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As for technology I’m interested in, I’d really love to do my field test with one of the 360 cameras (preferable the Nikon) in order to take a 360 video at each of Ithaca’s Gorges and make a catalog of them. I see that no one has done this yet, and I think it would be really great for Ithaca’s tourist population. I’d love to submit it to when I’m done so maybe they can be published. Check out the gorges here!