Assignment 2: Groh

A sci-fi movie that comes to mind that seems likely to become a reality is the movie Her. Technologies like Siri showed the potential of robotic chat bots. Amazon took the next step with Alexa. These devices that recognize one’s speech very accurately and can respond accordingly, show the development of speech bot technologies. As automation becomes more popular and prevalent, it wouldn’t be a surprise to me that someone could fall in love with a speech bot that can respond to a wide variety of questions.


My final project idea is to take a 360 camera to a Syracuse softball game. I want to give the viewer the experience of actually being at the game. I plan on putting the camera in the stands and hopefully on the field as well. Those two views will give the viewer a totally immersive experience. I also want to experiment with having 360 video and standard video in the same video clip. My goal is to mimic a regular post game review but with the added element of 360 video.