Assignment 3

This became a task over the time of trying to 3D scan an object.First I tried to scan a ketchup bottle. Then I attempted to scan a teddy bear, but I realized that the resolution and lighting has to be the same all around for the scan to work properly. Each time I tried to scan the options would tell me that there were a number of things that could be wrong which made me not want to keep experimenting.

My patience was really tested when I had to wait so long to figure out if the photos would be able to be processed. I believe because it is so time consuming it will not be used in abundance especially in the news world. I was thinking about news and how it is so sudden. If a reporter or head anchor wanted to show an example of something they are doing a story on it would not be feasible because of all the extra steps you would have to make in order to get one simple scan. My final attempt was to scan a miniature sized cupid bobble head, but still I got a notice that said capture failed.