Assignment 3

My chat bot is named Steve. Unfortunately, I could not change the name after I had initially created him, but Steve has grown on me a lot and has become quite witty and knowledgable. He mostly likes to talk about baseball. You can ask him things like, who is a team playing, what the current standings are, news stories around the league, who his favorite team is, the history of baseball (who invented baseball), some rules of the game (e.g how many feet to first or to the pitchers mound, how many umpires are there), his favorite baseball movie of all time, what the most important pitch is, common pitches thrown, power rankings, who won the World Series, who is the best player of all time, and more! His personality comes out when you ask him how he is, the meaning of life, the origins of his name, and other simple questions.

Here is ol’ Steve’s page!