Assignment 3 – Federico Ghelli

I thought that this assignment was going to be an easy one, but because of different reasons it turned to be a nightmare.

I enjoyed the visit at the Makerspace because it made me aware of a useful resource we have here on Syracuse University campus. The people there are really friendly and seem ready to assist students in all their needs. However,  we incurred in some issues that made the task of 3D printing a pain. First, I had to find a way to convert the format of the file, then when  I returned to the Makerspace I found out that the USB drive with my file broke so they were unable to start the printing. Good thing I went there to check because nobody notified use of the problem.

Since 3D printing was becoming to difficult, I decided to only do a 3D scan of myself and post it on the blog. Unfortunately, the iPad and the sensor decided not to work for me so,  I somehow managed to work something out with 3D Builder for Microsoft and play around with the 3D scan of my bust.

I really wanted to have a 3D print of myself, but I guess that will have to wait for now.