Assignment 3: Jenkins

For my first ChatBot, I created a bot for photography beginners or teachers as well as people who want to stay up-to-date with the latest photo news. It can explain photographic terms, as well as provide links to photography news websites.

Something that would be extremely useful, that I would have to probably do in a different program / code, would be to have the bot give equivalent exposures, so if someone said “1/200, f/16, iso 100” and asked a question about lowering the aperture or raising the shutter speed it would give them the equivalent exposures for that purpose.

A cool thing which you can do is add buttons to the “Persistent Menu” which shows up as 3 lines (hamburger menu) whenever you’re talking to a bot made by ChatFuel. I added the option to show an index of terms to the persistent menu, making it easy to know what kinds of things you can ask the bot.

Photo Bot: