Assignment 3 — Siyu Liu

My prototype concept for my app is straightforward and easy to navigate. The app is aimed to help students at all ages to pay less for textbooks and any type of books, it also allows students to exchange notes and build study groups or communities based on their interests.

This app will be useful for students because it’s exclusive for students, all users will need identification verification. It’s different from other book exchange apps because it allows students to exchange study notes or even hire tutors.

The app can also send users’ geographic locations to their family and friends when they meet with sellers, buyers or tutors, so when they’re in danger, the app will notify their family and friends.


Once upon a time there was a problem with overpriced textbooks and homework.

Every day students have to give up their personal pleasures to buy textbooks and stayed up too late for homework.

One day a college student developed an app which is exclusively for students to buy used textbooks and study notes and even hire tutors to help them study.

Because of that students can save more money to do things they enjoy or to pay off their student loans. They’re also able to meet classmates outside classroom and organize study groups and communities with students who share the same interests or goals.

Until finally everyone is happy about the app and making progress in their lives.

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