Assignment 4-Alexandra Rojas

Drones will have a profound impact on my future career.  I would like to work for a publication that has a strong online presence and mostly covers business and social affairs. The drones will replace the phone and iPads that I use for the videos I shoot. Going to press conferences, for example, will probably be easier if I need to shoot footage. I can just stand off the side to control the drone or put the coordinates in its GPS system. I can attach a microphone to it that will pick up a good amount of sound and place the drone on a location where I can get the clearest shot.

Drones will make being a multimedia journalist a little easier. The only issue I have carrying the thing with me wherever I go. As drones get smaller and more sophisticated, I hope that they will include an HD camera with its own Wi-Fi that can connect to a live feed of whatever publication I work for.