Assignment 4 – Drones

I have never used a drone for reporting or storytelling however if given a chance to pick a technology I would like to use – drone will be my first choice. Because I think – if used correctly – this technology can take storytelling to another level (or it already has). Drones could be be used to photograph or film places which are otherwise inaccessible or too dangerous to get close. I can see myself using it for unlimited number of stories ranging from deforestation, mega structures constructions, reporting about traffic, environment, wild fires and wild life etc.

This is a powerful technology however it could cause ethical issues – as privacy violation or even could cause physical harm such as getting in the way of air traffic. As the technology will become cheaper  – there will be more and more drones in the sky. But I am sure every technology comes with a cost and there is always a way to minimize that risk through rules and regulations.

Also as this technology might become common – some might think the novelty of the experience might wear off. But I think no matter what the technology is – the art of storytelling goes back to the basics. As every one who can operate a still or film camera can’t be called a photographer or filmmaker the same way every individual owning a drone can’t become a storyteller because it is all about creating experiences which move people.