Assignment 4 – Rickert

I envision drones not only impacting careers and the communications world in the future, but the everyday lives of people as well. With fine tuning of safety, noise levels, and privacy laws, I think it will be possible that everyone has a drone. As we have spoken about in class, many technology advancement ideas come from sci-fi. Although I’m sure the idea of drones did not come from this video game, I can’t help but reach way back in my past to the Nintendo 64 game Starshot Space Circus Fever. In this video game the main character had a little drone/animal/paper airplane type thing that always flew by him as his sick kick. This is how I see the future with drones. Everyone will have a little flying side kick to take photos and videos, give directions, keep track of things, etc.

Specifically for my future career, there are many things that drones could be used for. Public Relations is known and meant for creative publicity and drones are just another tool to help with this. I don’t necessarily picture drones being  critical in my career moving forward, but they will be useful for many tactics including shooting promos, getting different vantage points of events, and perhaps if I work for a company with a large campus or an energy or industrial plant company a drone could be used to monitor and report the status of campus offices/plants. There are many options for drone use besides just telling stories with a different vantage point and PR is a field where some of those use might unfold.