Assignment 4 – Veronica Ortiz

In the future, I don’t believe that drones will be that instrumental to narrative filmmaking. Right now, what’s happening with films being shot with drones is that they become more about the process and the medium rather than the story; it’s about what they can do with the drones and how far we can push this technology rather than the messages they actually carry.

For non-fiction pieces, I see drones as changing the industry completely and opening the breadth of possibilities of capturing essential moments. For fiction filmmaking, on the other hand, a consistent quality of image is required and I don’t know how beneficial it would be to intercut standard shots with those captured by a drone. Even in the case that drone cameras reach the high definition required for these pieces, I don’t filmmakers will prefer using a drone over standard film equipment for shots that don’t require altitude or any of the other assets that drone filming provides.