Assignment 5-Alexandra Rojas

I read the case study in which Planet Money used a drone for T-shirt Kickstarter campaign. They used sensors in order to capture aerial footage and to make the drone strong enough to carry the camera. The sensors were also used to capture live video downlinks. The sensors used were probably a CMOS Camera Module, a range finder, a swivel mount, a dual motor, and a Bluetooth modem.

My idea for a tool that uses primarily sensor will help reporters who work for print publications.  These reporters need voice recorders for interviews in order to capture their quotes and information correctly. Unless they can remember distinct phrases, reporters have to transcribe their interviews. To save time, I propose creating a recorder that connects directly to a computer via Bluetooth and transcribes the interview in real time.

The recorder will need a Bluetooth Modem, a sound detector, a microphone breakout, and a voice recognition shield. The speaker will speak into the microphone, the sound detector and voice recognition shield will record the voice, and the Bluetooth Modem will connect to a computer back at the reporter’s office. The data from this invention could be used to see if voice recognition technology is efficient enough to capture information as it is happening and if the information is accurate. This manner will be more efficient because the writer will have more time to form the story and to fact-check.