Assignment 5 – Federico Ghelli

For this assignment I decided to focus on something that I’m very passionate about: sports. Thanks to new technologies team are abel to design personalized workout session to boost up the performances of individual players. These technologies could also change the way we report about sports, since they would allow journalists to have a better view of a certain team or player they want to cover.

Browsing around Sparkfun I came across two sensors that would help my idea. The first one is called NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile, which monitors the  levels of attention and relaxation and even learn about the brain responds certain stimulation. This sensor would be really helpful during practice or games to assess how a player’s brain works during specific moments in the game. In this way, coaches can almost see what their players think during the action. In addition, a sport journalist would be able to analyze a game based on more data that would come directly form the players’ brains.

The second sensor I saw it’s called SparkFun Venus GPS with SMA Connector. GPS sensor have been widely used in sports but my idea was to incorporate this specific sensor to players’ uniforms. In this way it would be able to specifically follow a player during the performance, assess the miles ran, the different turn made, creating a wire of lines across the field, which shows a player interaction and effort during a game. This sensor would be very helpful for data visualization, because it would allow to create a chart or spider-web with a player stats for a specific game or an entire season.

We see how sensor can change the way we tell a story, adding a different angle to a news story. These new ways to retrieve data are definitely helpful when it comes to having a better understanding of a sport, or whatever other subject. It’s all about allowing these technologies to our every day life and use them in a way to improve our ways to retrieve information.