Assignment 5 – JPEG Color Camera TTL Interface – Infrared

I came across this very interesting sensor from spark fun. The motherboard (tiny green board) comes with six tiny LED lights which allows you to  take photos in dark.

I think it could be a great tool for journalists who do documentary or investigative reporting. Light is always an issue because camera sensors are not as sophisticate as human eye. This kind of sensor can allow reporters to take images in dark (even though they wouldn’t be very artistic).

This sensor can also be used for home security. So this particular sensor allow you to take a picture in absolute dark and then transfer it to your computer through TTL. If combined with another sensor like a sound, touch or motion sensor – you can set it up so it take a picture whenever it sense  some activity going on. Let’s say if you combine it with a sound sensor – so camera will take a picture every time it hears a sound close by and transfer it to your computer. It can be a great tool to collect evidence in case of a burglary or theft.