Assignment 5 – Veronica Ortiz

I’ve been working on a dramatic pilot for a TV series in which one of the main characters is deaf. The plot of the story takes place some years into the future and the main focus of it is the politics and the effects of the massive developments in Artificial Intelligence. Still, I had to build a futuristic world in which, for there to be smart talking robots walking among us, there were also other types of technological advancements to accompany them. One of these technological wonders is used by the deaf character: an ASL translator. The character wears gloves on his hands that track his ASL gestures and convert them to speech or text.

In studying the sensors in class I realized that I could use a sensor such as the ZX Distance and Gesture Sensor to forgo the use of the gloves and instead have the sensor capture his movements. A Voice Recognition Shield would then be used to translate speech into text for the main character to read and understand what hearing people are saying.