Audio Sync App for Hover Camera – Assignment 2/Elena DeLuccia

Product Concept:

The Hover Camera Passport is an incredible piece of technology that can be your own personal flying camera, photographer, and videographer – all in one small, lightweight, simple design. It provides you with a built-in AI (Artificial Intelligence) base that has facial-recognition and body-recognition capabilities. The camera can be controlled from the user’s Apple or Android phone – with the ability to trigger the recognition capabilities, air control, and recording or photo toggle. Users will also see their video live on the phone while their shooting in 4k. However, since there is no microphone, the Passport Microphone app would automatically sync your phone mic to the video taken by the Hover Camera and present your audio levels as an add-on to the Hover Camera app.

Pixar Story:

Sidney had a dream of becoming a travel Instagram and Vlog star. She created such great posts that she eventually got a sponsor to pay her to keep making her videos and posting amazing pictures from around the world. Because she constantly traveled, she needed to lug all of her equipment around with her to all of her destinations. Then one day, she discovered the Hover Camera Passport – something that she could stick in her purse and take with her everywhere she went. It was so easy to take pictures and videos of the places she travelled, it was like she had her own personal photographer! There was just one problem, she couldn’t record audio! Then she found an app that would automatically sync the microphone from your phone to the video taken by her Hover Cam. This made her life so much easier, and she kept on creating her incredible vlogs! 

User Experience, Interface, and Workflow:

Through my research with testing the Hover Cam’s features, I found that the camera had some major setbacks. The Hover Cam is very loud, and tends to disturb those around you if you’re in a public area. It also doesn’t have a built in microphone, which is frustrating if you’re trying to make a narrative video with audio capability.

The user experience was designed to make things simple for anyone that wants to use the Hover Cam and have the audio sync up without hefty microphone equipment. It’s easy enough to download the app, hook the camera up over wifi, activate the microphone app, and you’re good to go. Audio levels (with dual channel readings) will appear as an add-on to the Hover Camera app.

Since you’re using your phone to control the camera, the Hover Camera will not be too close to your microphone to pick up the loud volume during flight. Especially with iPhones, the microphone is programmed to eliminate as much background noise as possible (something that you can adjust in your settings).