Business Model – DeLuccia

First off, I’m not a business person. I’m a TRF grad who has almost no familiarity with this sort of business, so I may have done this budget completely wrong.

“Dietbetic” is a new app made for Type 1 Diabetics designed for iOS system use. The app is made to improve the health of Type 1 Diabetics through a sustenance recommendation system based on the user’s blood sugars, A1c (or Hemoglobin A1c – an overall blood sugar reading over a period of 3 months, compressed into a single percentage averaging at 5.7%). It is designed to have seamless connectivity with the Apple health app, Fitbit devices and the Apple watch to track user’s burned calories, heart rate, as well as the nutritional intake based on user input. More importantly, it will connect with the Dexcom Continuous Glucose System – a device that tracks blood sugars automatically through an attachment placed on the user. Details can be found here: Through all of this gathered information, the app will recommend dietary options in order to lower, raise or maintain blood sugar levels.

The app itself will need the initial funds to Develop the app, as shown with the sections on information analysis, prototyping and design – then the biggest stage of actually having developers work on creating the first version of the app. Maintenance is pretty simple, from what I’ve found in my research, and doesn’t cost much. I also took into consideration that we may want to update and create a second version after receiving feedback from users. The app would make money from in-app purchases (a diet plan option) and advertising. We would eventually break even between months 9 and 10 and start making a profit starting in month 10.

Dietbetic – Business Model