DataViz Final: Yi Zhang

Seeing Fantasy Movie’s Global Potential from Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is a traditional fairy tale that we all familiar with. The Disney’s 1991 animated film of the same name was part of our childhood memory and Belle was one of our favorite Disney princesses as well. A live-action remake of Disney’s 1991 animated film Beauty and the Beast was released on March 17 this year. The new movie received generally positive reviews from critics and audiences and has grossed over $1.1 billion worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film of 2017. Besides the 1991 animated film and the one coming out this year, the story has been put on screens for many times.

Been released for 7 weeks, the movie Beauty and the Beast has reached a total domestic gross of  $473,700,233 and foreign gross of $629,975,123 till April 27, 2017. Compared to other similar movies, it has achieved a great outcome. Similar movies refers those ones that have similarities in terms of audience appeal, genre, tone, timeframe and release pattern. The comparison indicates how this movie is doing in its own playing field, which is fantasy movie in this case.

Based on the chart, the total gross of fantasy movie generally tends to grow since 2011 and the foreign gross usually shares more than half of the total gross. It indicates that fantasy movie has a large global market potential. Here is a map showing how well the movie Beauty and the Beast performs at other countries’ box offices.

Beauty and the Beast Total Gross by Country
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Fairy tales and their fantasy movie adaptions are easily to be accepted by people from different culture backgrounds. Film companies know that well. There will be 4 fantasy movies coming out in 2018, including the live action adaption of another famous Disney animation Mulan which story originally comes from China. It seems that Disney has grasped the great opportunity to expand Asian market more.

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