DataViz Project Proposal – Claire Alex

For my final project, I want to outline interesting and helpful facts about the 115th Congress. First, I want to outline where members of Congress went to college and what they studied. I think it will be interesting to chart similar colleges and areas of study. I hope to be surprised by diverse areas of study. From there I can investigate other similarities members of Congress might have including military service or how many bills they have sponsored. My hope is that my project will help people learn more about their representatives and make them seem more relatable. It is also my hope that I will find similarities and coincidences that extend across the ideological aisle. Depending on my findings I might also create a visual that would allow people to see which members of Congress have supported and opposed recent legislation.

I have already gathered a list of all members of Congress including the state the represent and the district for members of the House. I have also indicated their party affiliation. To gather the rest of the information I will visit sites such as,,, and representative’s personal websites. I will also being’s datasets on Congress to help with data collection.

I plan on using inforgram, highcharts, google maps, and possibly timeline to tell this story. I am also looking for another platform help tell this story.

The unknowns I need to flesh out are a possible shortage in access to information. In addition, I might need to come up with another thing to analyze that all members of Congress have in common. Having a number of things I can analyze about Congress will help if I run into a shortage of data on a particular subject.