Dataviz Proposal- Yuanjun Peng

I’m going to tell a story about history box office  for Walt Disney and their top gross-generated movie in history in detail.

At begin, I’d like to use timeline to review what movies they have produced. Then I will use sortable table to show: rank, name, genre, released date(year), total gross and inflation-adjusted gross. Next, I will show released countries of the top gross-generated movie in history via storymap. When comes to details of top 1, I will show domestic performance and international performance by Highcharts.


Data source:

  • The Numbers
  • Box Office Mojo


  1. Timeline
  2. Sortable table
  3. Storymap
  4. Highcharts

Unknowns and things might go wrong: I plan to use vertical timeline to show what movies Disney have released. Since there were so many, it might be lengthiness if I use vertical one, especially showed on web. If it doesn’t looks good in vertical then I will try horizontal timeline.