Display technology Innovator’s Dilemma and hypecycle

Innovator’s Dilemma

Speaking of Display technology’s innovators dilemma, we should definitely take the  CRT tech as legacy and full-color plasma tech as a disrupter. The black and white CRT is the first commercialized home display technology and the color CRT has been dominating the market for half a century. When the thin film transistor LCD and full color get into the market, they quickly replace the CRT position as they are thin and has a better display screen. And the new OLED tech is a better solution when it comes to VR and AR display needs in the new age.


The CRT was the trigger of display technology while color CRT reaches its peak as color display systems get into everybody’s home. The first time LCD and plasma weren’t a good enough tech to replace color LCD but when the full-color plasma display introduced to the public, it quickly replaced the CRT and reached its enlightenment. The OLED tech is definitely the Plateau of Productivity.