Dyer Assignment 3: Samsung GearVR SportVision

Once upon a time there was a Golden State Warriors fan who lived in Syracuse, New York.

Every day he would watch the broadcast of Warriors’ games on his laptop because he couldn’t watch his favorite team on TV.

One day he became bored with watching the Warriors on his laptop: he felt disconnected from the team being so far away from home.

Because of that he searched for a new way to watch Warriors games.

Because of that he found the SportVision, an app for the Samsung GearVR Headset that provided him with an immersive sports television watching experience that put him right in the action.

Until finally he downloaded the application and was able to feel as though he was watching his hometown Golden State Warriors from inside the stadium.







































SportVision is an application for the Samsung GearVR Headset that is a revolutionary, cutting edge way to watch and experience live sporting events. Court-side basketball tickets can cost thousands of dollars, and field level seats for NFL games can get even more expensive than that. But using the Samsung GearVR  and 360 camera technology, users would be able to “sit court-side” and view sporting events from the best seat in the house, all while sitting on their couch at home. By placing 360 camera rigs at the midline and baselines of NBA stadiums, sporting events could be live streamed straight to the Samsung GearVR headset, allowing users to view games as if they were sitting court-side. Viewing through the GearVR allows users to look around and follow the action however they choose. Additionally, by using more than one 360 camera rig, users would be able to alternate between camera angles, allowing them to view the game from whichever view they see fit.